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Free WordPress Installation Service – Start Your Blog Today

Are you here because you needed a blog right now? I mean within a day from now? Or you mistakenly stumbled upon this post. Hey, wait… I have a better option for you. If you have been blogging for a while and your traffic is godamn very low.

Then this post is also for you but if you don’t want to read further.. Just need my free eBook on how to increase blog traffic, then right here it is waiting for Click here

wordpress installation service

Okay, if you are still with me, then I bet you, what am giving is one of the biggest deal that cost more than a hundred dollars depending on what you are creating, but for you my friend. It is absolutely FREE.

Blogging is a good business you could put your money in and within couples of months make your banks smiles with the dollars. Oh, it is real. If you NEED A BLOG RIGHT NOW. Below Opt-in your email so I can get back to you when am done but before that.

What Will I be Offering in This Free WordPress Installation?

Well, I can remember when I just got started.  I really don’t know how to create a blog, the Html, and the CSS and uploading a template is really a big task for me. For more than 5 months I still don’t have a perfect blog. Is it how to use SEO (search engine Optimization) or How to target well my keywords. I am kind of digging into what I will do for you.

If you apply for my free WordPress Installation, you will have free chance to communicate with me through emails anytime. I checked my emails every single day or if kind of busy, the other day can’t pass to check my emails. That means you are in good hands.

Everything is so simple, I will install your WordPress Blog for free at No cost. Meaning I am not charging you anything, not a penny. And for your WordPress blog to be more professional, I have some Plugins that I will be installing for you. The Plugins includes;

  1. Yoast SEO (free version)
  2. Akismet (Comment Justice *smile*)
  3. Google Analytics (Reports on your Traffic)
  4. Google Sitemap

I don’t know if you’ve heard any of these plugins before but for justice, let me rush through why these Plugins are most needed. Yoast-SEO is the type of plugins every blogger have installed on their WordPress blog, for it does a lot of works for you and save you tons of times. I know of a blogger, a friend who receives over 150k Pageviews, just using Yoast-SEO. Yeah, just trust me on that.

Akismet is what I called Comment Justice, it helps to delete spam comments. There will be spam comments. And this plugin help to delete spam comments without you have to delete them one by one. It sucks you know, but this plugin got the solution for you.

Google Analytics. It helps to give reports on all your traffic, the pages most visited and so on and Google Sitemap is just like helping Google to find your site. It is as simple as that

Don’t get overwhelmed by all these terms, you don’t really need them. If you apply today, I will help you with all these Bullcraps.


It is simple, what you have to do. This Program is Sponsored by Hostgator. It simply means they are the one paying me to help build your blog.

To get the free WordPress installation service, all you have to do is order a web hosting plan from HostGator. Then forward me the login information to hostgator [at] and I’ll install WordPress for you. Afterwards, I’ll email you back the login information for your new WordPress blog and you can start blogging!

Click Here To Order Your New WordPress Blog

I will also include instructions on how to change all your login passwords. I will not keep any of the forwarded information from HostGator. Once WordPress has been set up, I will destroy the email.

Get 25% Off Any Web Hosting Plan

Word class web hosting doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. HostGator WordPress hosting plans start as low as $4.95 per month. However, I have a coupon code that will give you 25% off that already low price. Here it is CornerWing25

If you’re ready to start blogging right now, and I mean RIGHT NOW, then head over to HostGator, order your hosting plan and I’ll get you started.


Before the steps, put in mind that Hostgator provide three plans, which are Hatching Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan. Well you are just starting, so I recommend starting with a Hatching Plan and by the way, it is okay to start with that. Enough of introduction…


Go to Hostgator Homepage and Click on WebHosting. Right Below

How to Create a Blog with Hostgator

After that, it is going to take you to another page to choose the best plan for you

Here is a quick chart to help you pick right hosting plan:

  • Hatchling plan: When you want to host only one website
  • Baby plan: When you plan to host more than one site (I recommend this)
  • Business plan: When you need dedicated I.P

If you will take my advice, just go with Hatching Plan because you are creating one website, isn’t it? So click on Hatching Plan to SIGN UP NOW.

How to create a blog with Hostgator

WOW, we are moving forward. is it not getting interesting, Of course. In the next Page, we will be told to Register a New Domain or If you already had one, Just typed it in.

If you don’t have a domain name, you can easily get one on Godaddy and come back to this page. But if you have, very nice so we can move on. For me, I have a registered domain name, so I will be typing in my domain name as you see below.

How to create a Blog with Hostgator

Choose Hosting Plan

Here is where we are.  In this Place, you need to choose a hosting plan. Should it be for 1 year, 2 years or 3 years? It is advisable to pick 1 year, well you can pick 2 years if you have the money because there is also added advantage if you pick more than a year.

You will be given a discounted fee. But if you kind of broke like me when I started, you can go with a 1-year plan, it is not bad. So let’s go with 1 year Hosting Plan. After you need to add a username and a four-digit pin.

How to create a blog with Hostgator

Billing Info

Next is to add your Billing info, it is very easy to do. Just filling out required forms to help complete the transaction. You can either pay with your Credit Card or Paypal. Well, Paypal is more secured because it helps protect and hides all your card details. But choose the best for you.

How to create a Blog with Hostgator

In the additional service section, ensure you uncheck everything. Most of the paid add-ons are not worth it as we have the complementary free alternatives.

Enter Coupon Code & Validate your Order

In the coupon code field, add “CornerWing25” and click on validate. This will give you flat 25% off on your total order.

How to create a Blog with Hostgator

How to create a blog with Hostgator

Below the billing info, you can see the complete details of your order. Before you move ahead with the order, be sure to verify your order.

Once you are satisfied, click on “Create Account.” Depending on your payment method, you will be taken to the PayPal payment page, or the “successful order placed” page.

In about a minute you will receive an email from Hostgator confirming your order, and within an hour you will be receiving a call with your new hosting account details.

That’s about ordering on Hostgator. After purchase, be reminded to send me login details to help with the free installation. IT IS THAT SIMPLE

free wordpress installation service

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