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Hi, my name is Oyejobi Adeola and in the last two years I have this great passion to help people all around the world, that’s why I created this lifestyle blog. I started blogging far back about 6 years ago (2012) in my high school days, I attended different seminars, tutorials, read different information on the internet on how I can start a profitable blog, not just a blog but a profitable one. But instead of them to give me the real information, I will just be given the tips of the iceberg.

Back then, I know many bloggers who are making money on the internet, the likes of ZacJohnson,John chow,Grace and Silas,Michelle and a lot of them like that but before I can access how they make money blogging, I have to buy their information which I totally agree, free things are not always free . I started my first blog on entertainment news with free hosting powered by Blogger and I was getting visitors to the blog but no money was entering my account. How do I turn my hobby to business? I love blogging, sharing tips, finances how to and sharing lot of helpful information to people but I also want to turn this hobby to business.

After trying, I wasn’t able to make money atall and I stop blogging until I met Silas and Grace of and they inspired me through their well written articles to start a blog again. And I do start and that’s how this blog came to be.

If you check my blog through, there are lots of helpful contents that will help you, if you want to travel, how to blog, make money, etc. If you want to know more about me;


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