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6 Ways To Be More Frugal and Save Thousands


Did you want to be more frugal, spend less and save cost? You can actually save thousands with these simple ways. In this post, I will be showing you 6 ways to be more frugal and save thousands.

  1. Rent out free space in your House

If you have a free space in your house, why not rent it out. It makes you earn some money and you can use the money for other things in the house instead of leaving the space without use.

  1. Sell your home and get a cheaper one

You can actually sell your expensive house and get a cheaper one. With that you can save thousands of dollars every month

  1. Quit expensive and unhealthy habits.

There are expensive and unhealthy habits you need to stop, like taking expensive alchol to their maximum height. I know of a friend who died of this, actually am not saying you shouldn’t take this at all but it needs to be minimal.

If you smoke two $5 packs of cigarettes a week, that is $520 a year, or $5,200 every 10 years. If your cigarettes are $10 a pack, then your cost will be $10,400 every 10 years.

That doesn’t even include the higher costs you are paying for health insurance or life insurance, and it doesn’t include any medical problem that may happen years later.

  1. Start couponing.

Yes, looking for coupon codes is one of the ways you can use to save thousands; most ecommerce websites always give out coupon codes to reduce the price. Example is Ebates, you sign up and you get free $10 coupon code to buy anything. You can register with my link.

  1. Find frugal entertainment.

Instead of spending too much money on entertainment, why not invest your money in something that can help you save money. Example like going to the Library, go for hike, what about bonfire, visit a park and many others

  1. Think about the value an item brings.

It is always good to think about the value an item brings. What does it mean to be frugal? Living frugally means you are not wasting money on things you do not need or things that may break within seconds of using it. So always think about what is in for me, the value.

Now that you’ve learned how to be frugal and save thousands. Do you want to share some of the tips working for you to be frugal and save thousands? Please feel free to share in the comment below.

Oyejobi Adeola is a blogger and an affiliate marketer. He is studying Mechanical Engineering as a profession but blogging became what he loved most in terms of sharing good posts like the one you just finished reading. He is focused on Personal finance tips, money saving tips, how to make extra money ideas, lifestyle, and more.

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