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15 Steps for Planning a Trip


Travel planning can be overwhelming and time-consuming, especially for overseas travel, and if you don’t know how to plan a trip this guide is for you.

Whether you are traveling alone or planning a family vacation, you deserve to go away and create priceless memories without too much stress in the trip planning process.

Don’t know what to consider when planning a trip? Hopefully, this guide will save you some time, money, and your sanity!

Step 1: Choose your Destination

Where do you want to travel?

Your first step in how to start planning a trip is to choose a travel destination that meets your interests and travel budget. Picking a destination is immensely important, as it gives you a definite goal.

Step 2: Know how much it will cost you to Travel

Once you have chosen your destination, step two in planning a trip is to book your flights. And learning how to find cheap flights will help you to reduce one of your biggest travel expenses. Searching for flights

What sites are helpful for planning a trip online?

When searching for cheap flights online we always start with Skyscanner, it’s one of our favorite booking sites. You can check our travel resources here and check the cheapest flights online

Step 3: Start Saving Money

Time to start saving! Write down all your current expenses so you can determine where you are spending money and how you can cut back.

People bleed a lot of money every day through small purchases: that bottle of water, the dollar for that snack, that extra coffee. All of that adds up and creating this breakdown can let you know where you need to cut and save

Step 4: Book Your Flight

My favorite sites for finding cheap fares:


  • Google Flights
  • Momondo
  • Matrix ITA Software
  • Skyscanner
  • Vayama


Where you sleep is your other major fixed travel expense, so choosing the best accommodation for your needs at the best price will free up more money for activities.

Search Accommodation Deals

Our favorite accommodation search website is They have over 1 million properties worldwide in 200 countries. You can check our travel resources for more

The other following booking sites offer the best rates for accommodation:

  • Hostelworld
  • Agoda (Great for Southeast Asia)
  • com
  • Hotwire

Step 6: Sell Your Stuff

If you are going on a long-term trip (six months or more), sell your stuff in order to earn extra money for your trip. Start doing this about 60 days before you leave. Sites like Amazon, craiglist etc

Step 7: Tell Your Card Companies You’re Traveling

No matter how long you’ll be gone, it’s a good idea to let your credit card companies know you will be overseas; that way any transactions that you make aren’t flagged as fraudulent and your card is less likely to be blocked.


You can learn a lot about a destination through its food and drink, and you can even plan a trip by eating your way through a destination. For some people that is their favorite thing about travel. Is that you? You can check out travel resources for more info


If you are planning an overseas trip and don’t have a passport yet, give yourself enough time to apply – at least 6 weeks before departure and preferably as soon as you have booked your flights and accommodation.


Do you know the visa entry requirements for your destination? Do you even need a specific visa and how do you get it?

Each country and nationality will be different, and again, don’t leave this till the last minute as it could take significant time to organize.

If you are worried about how to plan an overseas trip because of visas, you can learn more about tourist visas for all countries and passport holders at Project Visa   – then double check with each relevant embassy’s website!


Are you planning for overseas travel to a high-risk destination in regards to health?

Depending on where you plan your trip in a particular country, it’s important to get the right advice for any necessary vaccinations before you travel.

Your safety and health are essential, and in some instances, you can’t travel unless you have proof of having been vaccinated.

Talk to your doctor or health care professional knowledgeable about travel vaccines. Visit them at least 2 months before departure as some vaccinations need to be started six to eight weeks before departure and require more than one shot spread out over time.

And take any records you have of previous shots.


When you are planning a trip sometimes your important documents get misplaced. Companies can lose your booking reservation or there is a communication breakdown between the price you paid and the expected service.

For peace of mind, make copies of important documents such as:

  • Passports
  • Visas
  • Flight tickets
  • Itineraries
  • Hotel reservations
  • Rental car reservations
  • Tour bookings


These days almost everyone travels with at least a smartphone, plus other gadgets that require connection to the internet and a data plan. Research the data plans and SIM card situation for your destination.

Step 14: Buy Travel Insurance

While a lot of people think “I’m healthy, I don’t need travel insurance. I won’t get sick,” travel insurance is much more than just medical protection. It covers you when your camera breaks, your flight is canceled, a family member dies and you have to come home, or something is stolen.

Travel insurance is something you will need on the road. You never know what might happen, and most health plans won’t cover you overseas

Step 15: Enjoy Your Trip

Go on your trip and have fun! Head to the airport, board your plane (don’t forget your passport!), and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Source: Nomadicmatt  and Ytravelblog



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