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Are you looking for ways you can use to make extra income online? Are you a stay at home mom or a college student, a retiree, a job seeker looking for several ways to earn some extra money online?

Then this post is right for you. A few years ago, some of the ways I earned some extra income are with these sites, though I didn’t make millions it surely better than doing nothing, like earning many gift cards, money in cash and a lot you could enjoy.

online survey sites

The most enjoying part of this is that it is very easy.

In this post, I gathered more than 10 sites that are ready to pay you around $500-1000 per month without doing anything.

Just answering some of the questions you are asked at your own leisure time, it is like you are chatting with your friends on social media, but this time you are paid for your time.

I have tried some of these websites and they are way far absolutely worth your time and I  have a friend who makes a lot from these online sites. You can do the same.

Well, let’s get started; Remember these sites are FREE to join. That means you should join all of them, but if you don’t really need money, maybe joining 5 will do but for me, I joined all of them and they are more than amazing..

I started with online surveys back then around 2012 and they have been great because I joined up to 12 sites as at that time (you can read why you need to join as many sites below) and in a week, I was sent up to ten surveys from different survey sites, that’s how I could make more money.

Below are some of my tips for making online surveys as a side hustle of yours. Plus, I have listed ten of the best online survey sites for you to join.

Sign up for as many free online survey sites as you can.

I sincerely recommend signing up for all of the free online survey companies that I will be sharing with you if you are interested in making this as your side hustle income.

From my experience, if you don’t join as many as possible, it could be so hard to make money with this because each survey company may send a few surveys to your inbox each month.

If you do the calculation well, the more you sign up for them, the more money you will make. You can sign up for all ten easily and quickly, so why not?

All ten of the free online survey companies below are legitimate and can be a great way to earn money. These include; SwagbucksHarris Poll Online, PineCone Research, American Consumer Opinion, Inboxdollars, OneOpinion and others that have found to be great ways to make money online PrizeRebel , YouGovSurvey ClubProduct Report Cardi-Say, and VIP Voice. You can sign up with them within few minutes.

Update: I have also found these other survey sites helpful in growing my income SurveyJunkie, TellWut, Springboard America, Panda Research, E-Poll, Mysurvey


  1.  Swagbucks
  2.  PineCone Research
  3.  American Consumer Opinion
  4. Inboxdollars
  5. OneOpinion
  6.  PrizeRebel
  7. YouGov
  8. Survey Club
  9. Product Report Card
  10. iSay
  11. VIP Voice
  12. SurveyJunkie
  13. TellWut
  14. SpringBoard America
  15. Panda Research
  16. E-poll
  17. Mysurvey

Just Be Yourself when Signing Up for these Survey Sites

When filling out the survey forms, you will be asked many personal questions.

You should be yourself when answering these questions which may be personal or not because these survey companies only want people who are fit to their work.

Don’t worry, Just be Yourself and you will be surprised to see more surveys in your inbox.

Make sure an online survey site is legitimate.

There are a lot of online survey sites that are legitimate, some which are listed here and some out there but the ones have tested are the ones am sharing with you. But you need to know some signs that a survey site is not legitimate.

Below are some warning signs that a survey site may not be legitimate:

  • Are they enticing you with more money to earn? Well as this is true, you can make money from online surveys but it won’t make you fortune, it won’t make you millions; it will just serve as a side hustle income, not a rich quick scheme. So if any online survey sites are promising you the world, it is not legitimate. Yeah, trust me on that
  • It requires Upfront Fee? That means you need to pay before you can take the surveys. It is mostly to be a scam, survey sites should be free, have joined few of them and they are free. No need to pay for any survey sites
  • Sometimes, you will receive emails to answer these surveys, please take your time to identify if you have signed up for these surveys before. Some scam websites are just there to take your information. If you don’t remember signing up for the company, definitely ignore their emails and don’t click on anything!

Below are 10 of the best online survey sites where you can take free online surveys so that you can start earning money! Like I said, everything below is free to join, so it doesn’t hurt to sign up.

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How I loved Swagbucks? I can’t really explain but have received more of Amazon gift cards from these surveys every month with just a little work.

I have been using Swagbucks for many years now, and I can say for sure that this is the best get-paid-program out there. It gives the worth of your time.

You can sign up for Swagbucks and you’ll receive a free $5 bonus just for signing up through my link.

Average earnings: $300

Sign up here for Swagbucks and get your first $5 bonus.


Harris Poll Online is another great and legitimate online survey company. You earn points with each survey you complete and you also receive points for surveys you are directed to but are unable to qualify for. Then, with the points, you earn you can redeem them for valuable rewards.

You can sign up for Harris Poll Online here.

Average earnings: $250

Sign up here for Inboxdollars


Pinecone Research is a company I use to complete surveys and I believe they are one of the best online survey sites. I have personally used them several times, so I can honestly say that they are a legitimate company to use. They pay you for each survey you complete and they also occasionally send free products to review!

You can sign up for Pinecone Research here.

Average earnings: $350

Sign up here for Pinecone Research


This is another survey that is going to make you around $150-200 per month by just answering some questions. It is that simple. With American consumer opinion, they need your opinion by testing some products at home and you get paid. It is that simple

Average earnings: $150

Sign up here for American Consumer Opinion


Inboxdollars is a “get paid to” programs which have a lot of varieties. You can also download the app and do the tasks on your phone. This program has a lot of opportunities to make money like read emails, watch videos, play games, watch TV commercials and more. You can make around $100-150 per month with this pane;

Average earnings: $100

Sign up here for Inboxdollars


OneOpinion is your common paid survey site in many ways. It is free to join and you can complete online surveys for rewards.

What makes this site a little more unique is that they also give you the opportunity to test new products and share your opinion on them for rewards. But overall, the surveys are the main way to make a little extra cash with this site.

Average earnings: $50

Sign up here for One Opinion

And there are many legitimate online survey panels like VIP Voice, i-Say, Product Report Card, Survey Club, YouGov, Vindale Research etc which can pay well. The key point with survey panels is to sign up for most of them and see which can be worth your time. The above panels can make anywhere between $50 to $100 a month.


That’s the 10 online survey sites that can earn you some extra cash every month. ReMember to register for all of them and start earning.

Oyejobi Adeola is a blogger and an affiliate marketer. He is studying Mechanical Engineering as a profession but blogging became what he loved most in terms of sharing good posts like the one you just finished reading. He is focused on Personal finance tips, money saving tips, how to make extra money ideas, lifestyle, and more.

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