7 Unhealthy Foods And Drinks You need to Stay Away From

7 Unhealthy Foods And Drinks You need to Stay Away From

I know how that sounds. Staying away from some foods is like cutting your throats but many times, I realized that bad things are always sweet. For some years now, i have been ignorantly taking some foods with drinks that have negative impact on my health but how could I know if i didn’t went for a check up.

Bad foods and drinks can ruin your health than you can imagine. A lot of people have been affected by the in-take of such foods and will in-return affects the health. There is no such thing as staying healthier and that’s why I make a list of 7 unhealthy foods and drinks that you should stay away from.

After reading this post, it is important for you to make the decision of avoiding those bad snacks and drinks that are not doing your health benefit. Man should always look for something that benefit them, not in other way round. So stick around.

1.Drinks that have too much Sugar

In my high school days, we were taught that in take of sugar is good for the body. It is a primary source of energy and it helps to produce insulin but there are different type of sugar.

I am not here to teach about the types of sugar but to make it clear that we all need sugar in our body depending on the type, if is in high quantity, it is very disastrous to the body.  There are lot of drinks out there that contain too much of sugar and it is better to stay away from them.

Taking too much of sugar can cause insulin resistance, a liver disease, diabetes and even heart disease when the in take is too much. My best advice is to always take fruits and is the best alternative to sugary drinks.

2. Hot Dogs

I tell you, you don’t love this food more than I do but to be candid, it is unhealthy to your health. It has a lot of calories that have about 80% saturated fat. Eating too much of fat can cause heart disease and colon cancer. Always try to stay away from this kind of food and take foods like lean chicken that have lesser fats.

3. Potato Chips and French Fries

There are lot of people who complained that they are gaining more weights even after all the weight loss techniques they have been applying but many forgot to check the kind of foods they are consuming. Potato chips and french fries have a lot of calories that can cause weight gain. Apart from the weight gain, it is still unhealthy to your health, so always try to minimize it or keep it away from yourself. Potatoes are best to be boiled not fried and consume.

4. Low-Fat Yoghourt

I love this yummy drink, because it has a lot of benefit to our health but there are lot of yogurts out there that are serving the wrong purpose because of how they are made. You know this kind of yogurt have totally brain washed us because of the label “Low Fat”? And you know what they use to replace the low fat? A lot of sugar to make it tasteful and sweet. Don’t fall for this kind of yogurt, instead go for the full fat yogurt.

5. Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the most consumed among the kids and one of the most sweetest. It is still of one the most unhealthy foods you are consuming right now, maybe you took that yesterday or this week or this year. Almost everyone love to take ice cream but the truth is, it is unhealthy to your health. Ice cream have a lot of sugar that causes calories and you sure that too much of calories is deadly to your body as well as to your health.

6. Processed Meats

Anything processed simply means it is not fresh. It is processed maybe to make it always looking fresh but you sure to know that it has lost its value. Therefore, always stay away from processed meats, eat meats that are unprocessed and fresh instead of using some chemicals to try keep the taste. It can cause heart disease, type 2 diabetes etc. Always stay away from this

7. Fast Foods

There are times we need to rush to office, school or just hungry and you need something fast to quench the hunger, that’s why many take fast foods not knowing the implication of it to our health. Eating junks can be so destructive to our health.

These are the 7 unhealthy foods and drinks you need to stay away from and always stay healthy.

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