7 Tips on How to be Beautiful and Attractive- What you Never Know

7 Tips on How to be Beautiful

Being beautiful at times can take a lot time from us. I am not saying for as many people that are classy and naturally beautiful? What I mean is by taking some time to make our hair, makeup and outfit just to look like that taste.

I have a friend who makes her hair every week just to always look beautiful and she spent a lot of money on Make Up and outfit. I really kudos her for that, but how about you find tips on how to be beautiful without using make ups, and having to spent a lot of money on clothes.

There are lot of ladies that adorn makeups to make them beautiful. What I mean is that without using makeups, they are like, Jeez they are down to ugly as they think. To be attractive and beautiful should go beyond the use of makeups, changing hairstyle every week and having to spend your last penny on the latest out fits in town.

You can always apply some tips which are more natural and you will look so beautiful than you can imagine. There are lot ladies going out for bums, breast , face surgeries which cost them more money able to pay an average salary man for a whole year, all because of just to look beautiful. If you do these tips outlined, you wouldn’t have to spend more money on make ups again.

What are the Tips?

1.Use Face Scrubs

Did you want that beautiful skin to always glow out and shinning, then it is important for you to always use face scrubs maybe twice to three times a day.

Though preferably in the morning and in the evening can be the best for you. Face scrubs can help to make your skin fresh and beautiful without spending so much money on a lot of cosmetics which can affect your skin.

There are lot of advantages of face scrubs which will make your skin beautiful, one I considered most is washing your face twice or three times a day will help to make your skin get rid of, long-stained sweats and unwanted stuffs on the face which if not taken care of, can later cause some dark spots.

Don’t cover the pimples with make ups, instead take care of it by buying useful face scrubs to help apply to your face. Before applying the face scrubs, always remember to wash your face.

Washing your face with some skin soaps can also make your skin very much beautiful before applying the face scrubs. These works hand-in-hand.

There are lot of people who find it helpful and have find it beneficial in washing their face twice to three times daily and in addition always using the face scrubs to have good effects on the skin.

There are lot of face scrubs that are out there and they are not doing much very well to your skin, it is always good to check the label before buying. There are few I utmost recommend and those are the use of Coffee face scrubs,Oatmeal Lavender face scrubs, and Pink Himalayan Salt mixed with Jojoba Oil. Though there are different methods on how you can apply this.

If you prefer to use Coffee face scrubs. It is very easy to create, just mix some olive oil, honey and coffee grinds and you have your face scrub ready to use. Though, you should consider the ratio of the mixing. Always stay balanced in mixing so as not to have less and more on the other side. It is also important for you to note that, you should have more of coffee grinds, less more of Honey and less of Olive Oil. Then, you can find it at its best.

If you prefer Oatmeal-Lavender Face scrubs. How to create this is also very simple. Just have some grinned oatmeal with dried lavender flower, then you have your fragrant and beautiful smell. Some add powdered milk and cornmeal to the mixing.

2. Buy a Toner

Considering to use a toner can help you a lot. It looks more like water and it works like water but the composition is more than how it look. It helps to reduce the oiliness on the skin.

It is made of glycerin, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants. Applying toner to your skin can make you beautiful. It has a fast penetrating liquid that helps to remove dead cells on the surface of the skin.

It is always important to wash your face before applying the toner, of course you shouldn’t apply the toner on an unwashed face. The reason why you need to apply toner immediately after washing your face is that wet face helps to the toner to penetrate more faster, you shouldn’t apply on a dry face.

3. Whiten your Teeth

There are lot of things affecting our teeth and some of the things are the drinks and foods we take on regular day. Most of the time when we people look at us, our teeth can speak a lot to them. But I know you are taking your time to brush, but have you left some sugary drinks that can affect your teeth and make it brown despite even visiting the dentists.Our teeth can be stained by the in take of coffee, tea, soft drinks, tobacco etc.

It is very important to take note of fruits and foods we take, it can make or mar our beauty. Eating fruits like apples can help to whiten our teeth and other fruits like Pineapples, Strawberries,Cheese, Yogurts.

There are lot of  benefits of whitening your teeth. It builds confidence, it gave you that confidence to laugh and speak louder more expressly in the public.

Aging can also affect the teeth whitening but a whiten teeth makes you look more younger. Different experts had concluded that a whiten teeth makes you look more younger, for it makes you look more beautiful and attractive.

4. Find time to Rest

You need to get a lot of sleep because the look of someone who haven’t slept well is always obvious. Not having enough sleep can cause a lot to the body, the kind of acne, dryness.

Actually when you are not getting enough of sleep, the pH of your skin always looks dull and non-appealing. It always show on the face. Therefore, always try to have that good sleep.

There are also different foods that will hep you have that good sleep. Examples are Rice,Lettuce,Cherry Juice,Cereals etc are helpful to help you have that good sleep.

Researchers have said that we should have between 7-8 hours of sleep every night, if you are not sleeping up to that hours, then you are not doing your body very good. Don’t always be too busy to have a good sleep.

There is time for everything, if you are on night shift at work, sleeping during the day can help as substitute. Your body is like a computer, if overworked, it will start hanging. But if you leave it for some time and refresh it, it will look like you’ve never used it. It will work smart and very effective and that’s how our body also works.

5. Put lip balm on your Lips

To look beautiful, it is very important to take care of your lips also , many people tends to forget this part. Exfoliate your lips to remove the dead cells. You can do this by applying maybe some sugar and honey. Using soft toothbrush can also help to wash off the dead cells before applying the lip balm. There are some people who have beautiful lips, and I tell you they look more attractive.

6. Go Gym

It is also good to do exercise, for this helps your body to keep fit and smart. Going to gym maybe three times in a week also can make your body look very good in shape.

Thirty minutes of exercise a day can go a long way, it can help you burn a lot of calories, make you look very attractive with the shape and the curves of your body and everyone will keep falling for you.

Staying healthy is the key to looking beautiful. Though many don’t want it necessary to do exercise on daily basis like for me today, I didn’t think of going to the gym or planning to work out. But, have had some distant trekking today and that’s exercise to me.

7. Be Styled

You need to take note of the out fit or clothe you are swearing. If you want to look beautiful and attractive, it is always good to dress smart. If you don’t know, copying someone is not a sin you know.

The celebrities wear some nice clothes and are very fashion, wearing that type of clothe can also make you look beautiful and attractive. There is always a saying that, the way you DRESS is the way you will be ADDRESSED. so dress well.

These are the 7 tips to help you look beautiful and attractive. If you have more supporting tips to these lists, we will happy to hear from you.


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