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Top 3 place to travel to this 2018

How about I tell you the best place to travel to this 2018.If you are like me who love to travel everywhere, love to have fun in a new place, then this post is for you.

For the last 5 years, i have loved to enjoy moments in different continent and opportunity is already setting for me and today, I am sharing with you the best place you could go with your family, your boyfriend or even with friends just to celebrate the good times there.

I think before you travel to a new place, it is important to understand the place you are going to, look around on the internet and have much things to go enjoy in the place.

In 2014, I traveled to a particular place which I have no idea of but i tell you, it almost spoil all my plans because everything was just new there for me. So, it is very important for you to know a place before going, it is more like taking risk assessment and expected assurance. Don’t mind me. that’s more to my understanding.


How I loved this place. If you don’t know Brazil is the largest country in the South America, well apart from been the largest, it is a country full of love, a nice place to be and the next place to be on your country list.

This place is more than a nice place to be, is it the Rio de Janeiro, a place of island and a very large sea, a good habitat to feel the sea presence. And about the Iguazu Falls, this place is a taste for many who love water downfall, not just any type, the best downfall the world could ever have.

If you have not visited Brazil before, then it should be among  your next list. Brazilians are beautiful, nice, pleasant and ever a cool place to be. What about the Brazilian foods?

Oh, I have a friend who lives in Brazil and I tell you, I am planning of visiting the place again next year. Thats the love thing about Brazil.


England is another place am planning to travel this year. As explained, England will continue to be of the largest and the best tourism in the world.

Thousands of people travel to England every year because it is full of surprises and if you are yet to have that in your list , then it is time to do that.

There are nice places to travel to feel the moment, is it the London, which have an amazing attractions, a very nice place to be. How about the YORKSHIRE, the BATH CITY, there are really nice places to be and i tell you, it is sure you will enjoy the moment.


I can’t really explain how I love Canada. There are much talk on Canada right now. Canada is considered to be largest country in the world and the coolest place to be right now.

This country has a lot much to offer and I tell you they are truly expecting people around the world to come spend some time with them.

They are much loving and very willing to help. If Canada is on your top list to travel this 2018, there are some place you could travel to. This country have more lakes, rivers and a big forestation and many nice you can imagine.


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