How to Enjoy and Live your Best in a New Environment

How to Live with a New Place

Have you just packed to a new place and it seems you don’t think, you are going to learn how to live there forever. As true as that is but there is a solution.

There are lot of people who find t difficult to live in a new place due to long time they lived in their formal place but it is a good thing to always change environment, isn’t it? I think, it is a good thing to make that decision of going to live in a new place.

In this post, I will show you how you can live with a new place. What is difference between the old and the new place. What makes the old place special than the new one.

I think, the old one will be very special because you have spent more years there and now you are in another place where you are going to spend almost all your life there depending on you.

I left my father’s place to college and i tell you everything looks new to me, the joy of going back home was hitting me very bad even to the extent of going home during the weekends because i couldn’t bear it, but a lot change when I try a method which had helped me and also thousands of people to learn live a new place


The first thing that is going to make you feel unlikely is the environment, all the friends that do share nice time with you are no more there.

Everything is just, like you are just starting again, the emotions starts triggering again but what can you do? You will learn to live with it, a new environment is a new you and a better you.

What I did was to free myself. I don’t know how to put it, but you need to learn how to free yourself. Enjoy the moment and I tell you within few days, you will be very glad you traveled to the place.

There is a philosophy I know and which works, if you are happy about a place, you won’t find happiness there, if you are not free about a free, the place also will look lonely and unfriendly to you.

That means if you travel to a new place, what you expect to receive, is what you should give. Give the freedom in the new place and I tell you is going to come back to you.

The friends you missed will keep on coming back, new friends to be precise. And before you know it, you are going to be enjoying the place than the former.


There are people that are fun to be with. In your new place, it is possible you don’t have new friends. Don’t wait for people to come make you their friend, make the first approach.

The reason is that there are friends who might want to hang out with you but you never fall for them, instead go make your own friends.

The most important here is to associate, don’t keep dull to yourself, is going to make the new place looks more like a prison. You can meet with a new friend whether in the Cinemas,Gym House, Recreational places and a lot of places, so the moment you come across them, don’t hold yourself, make the first approach.


It is always good to learn to enjoy every moment in your new place. Be free, don’t be scared, ask questions and I tell you that the new place will be like a heaven to you because all the good things there will start coming your way. That’s the joy of a new place

Within some days, it is sure that you would have been having a nice time there. The chemistry, the reaction between the love and the new place will start happening and now you wish you had come there earlier.


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