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6 Hacks New Travelers Need to know

Are you travelling for the first time or you are going to a particular place the first time? The fear, the Joy, the excitement, all kinds of feelings does come.

I have traveled to different place and at that time, I am always scared, why? I don’t know, but that feeling of going to an unknown place just struck me, but with time and experience, I got to let my feeling go and I do enjoy the place I traveled to.

Due to my experience in travelling, let me give you six hacks new traveler needs to know to enhance your trip the next time.

Be Free

There is a lot more to this, when traveling to a new place some people always find it hard for them to free themselves all because they felt oh, I don’t know what is going to happen to me when I do so.

Being free is a lot to humanity, you are not there to prison yourself, Not at all, you are there to enjoy the moment, but tell me how can you enjoy the moment when you are alone to yourself.

Just sitting down in a lonely place and keeping all to yourself. I have asked many travelers, even me i noticed that when I traveled to a new place my countenance seems to change, my attitude and my reactions towards things always change but with time, I got to learn that there is no such thing as keeping to yourself when you travel, be free and don’t be scared.

The feeling you have can make you have a bad time while staying, but if you are happy to be there, good things will also come your way. Feel the presence and enjoy the moment.

Ask Questions

If you go to a new place, be always sure that you don’t know the place more than the residents. If you are going to a place and you lost your way, don’t be too shy to ask questions from anybody be it young or old.

Though doing it with maturity also matter, you can’t just run to someone and hit them at the back, you tell me where am going.

Ask with simplicity and with maturity, please can you show me the way to a particular place. With that, you are learning to mingle with the people out there not to keep a lone to yourself, it will do you good than harm. Ask questions about anything.

Like for example, I traveled to a place far back around 2012 and while on my way, I lost my direction but what could I do, instead of being pompous, I walked to a nearby neighbor I could possibly meet and ask them and I was glad I did.

Associate with New Faces

Associating with new face or different races will also make your journey very interesting. Have a cool time with them and I tell you, you just built a new family in another place.

As I explained earlier, don’t stay alone, mingle with friends. If you are going with a family, there is possibility that you might meet another family also there for the same purpose.

With that, you got to appreciate the place more. Maybe you are traveling for research purpose, it is possible to meet someone of the same purpose. But how can you do that when you don’t associate.

I know of a friend who i shared this method with and when he traveled for a research purpose, he was able to alias with different people and out of them all, he finally met someone who came there for research purpose likewise and that makes the place very lovely and interesting for them. Learn to associate with new faces

Be Prepared

Well, this should have come first. When traveling to a new place, you can’t figure out all your budgets, how much you are going to spend there or how much it will take to feed.

It is a new place so it is always advisable to come prepared. Add some extra money to yourself. we can say the expenses will be quite cheap and isn’t so or we might say the expenses will be very expensive and isn’t so likewise. Therefore, it is important to always go prepared.

Take Camera with You

I love to this anytime i travel, taking pictures of different arenas. Though your phone might be helpful likewise but taking a camera with you will also enhance your trip.

Impact While you Travel

Actually, this is personal but i still add it anyways. It is always good to have impact on things or people you met there, all just to make the world a better place. Impact friends, impact cultures, change something and the joy will ever be with you.

I know you are there to relax and chill but helping the people there will also add values to your trip. Therefore, enjoy your time there to the fullest

These are the six hacks new travelers need to know. If you have more tips to share , you can add it in the comment below and we will all be glad.


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