Hacks to Get Google Adsense Approval with a New Blog

How to Get Google Adsense Approval after Several Disapprovals

Google adsense is one of the best way to monetize a new blog or even it is a means how many bloggers earn their income online.

But as easy for you to make money with Adsense, it is also hard for you to get approved. Back then around 5-10 years ago, getting adsense approval is very easy even with copied contents or pirated images. With a lot of tricks many adsense accounts had been approved but now, it is like you are going to sit for an exam.

Why I still Prefer Google Adsense

Despite all the odds of getting Adsense approval, it is still one of the best way to monetize a new blog. Like for me, when I started blogging, the only opportunity for me to make money online was with Google Adsense, but after several attempts, my requests was turned down and I tell you, they are really right in approving an account or disapproving any accounts.

There are several bloggers who are making money from their blog with Google Adsense, to mention a few, I know of Grace of chasingfoxes who make more $500 after three month of blogging only from Adsense.

So it is not a surprising thing to see that you can make money from Adsense, it is the best way , the way i call it the lazy man way to make money online. But the main issue is getting approval. In this post, if you read carefully, and you do the exact thing instructed, it is sure like 100% sure you will be approved.

But before We go straight to HOW to Get Adsense Approval, Let us know WHY Google Disapprove Accounts

If you have applied to Adsense before and you get disapproved, then I think you deserve to know why your account was disapproved isn’t it? Yes, you deserve to know and how you can fix the error, but if you haven’t apply for Adsense before, I think you need to know why your account will be disapproved.

The first thing is, Content; you read that right. There are lot of bloggers making BIG mistake in applying for Adsense when they have few posts, IT IS REALLY A BIG MISTAKE.

Google Adsense to my understanding and from experience want a blog to have more posts on their Publisher’s Blog. And that’s why many account was disapproved, although have heard some saying they got their adsense approved with just eight posts.

Obviously I am not disagreeing with that, but it is very important to know the time, I mean the year they got approved and it is also important for you to know the kind of posts they are writing on.

But Nevertheless with all these, it is still sure to get approved with just eight posts, but it is very rare, don’t waste your time just waiting and later you get disapproved, so that’s the first thing to work on CONTENT.

The Second thing is, COPYRIGHT CONTENT. When I started blogging around 5 years, I was an Entertainment Blogger, almost all my posts are from another blog.

With No idea, I was happy to monetize my blog after several postings, after applying, waiting time and finally I got the message in my email, Sorry your Account was not Approved.

I looked at the message for many hours, looking and looking again, why could i get disapproved. Don’t mind me, my heart was beating fast, so with all my labors of copying other people’s content to my Blog, Finally i got disapproved, so how could i make money with my blog again.

That got me thinking. So you can see my experience, don’t copy a line from another blog, Google wont approve you. IT IS NOT A FICTION, IT IS REAL.

These are the most important things you should check out when applying for Google Adsense but there are still more you should take note of for your account to be approved.

1. Write Quality Contents: You’ve read that content is King, when they say quality, it simply means the original. When they say original you, that means any other person is a counterfeit. So, this also applies to content to be placed on your Blog. Do not copy other man’s work, Google Adsense won’t approve you.

Did you know why, because it is not a machine that will come checking through your blog, it is a Live Person, i mean someone who has breathe. The person will go through your blog and find if there is any copied content and if found, forget it, You are disapproved before you know it.

While writing your contents, it is most advisable for you to make your posts between 500-1000 words. The reason been that anything less than that, Google Adsense won’t approve you, and also if you make your posts more than 500 words, it is sure that your blog will be rank very high on the Google search Engine and that’s a good start for a blog.

Therefore, write quality contents, contents that will create values for your users, because they test user experience on your Blog, why will users come to your blog and not others. Hope you get the logic, write quality contents.

2. Make your Blog Search Engine Friendly. What did they mean by this, it simply means, make your blog directive. It should have directions, easy navigation, easy to find and easy to read. Your Blog should not be scattered and therefore it shouldn’t depends on the user to find it. In every of your Categories or pages, put Meta descriptions and also Tags in your post.

3. Create 25-30 Posts. Well, there is no debate in this, you need to have sufficient contents on your blog before you can get approved. No copy contents but original contents that will add value to the users

4. Create About Us, Contact Us,Privacy Policy on your Blog. There is really no further explanation to this, as you read that right, you need to create those pages before you can be approved by Google Adsense.

With these four simple steps, you are sure to be approved my Google Adsense and you start making money on the way. That’s the secret to getting Adsense approval. If you also want me to check if your Blog is eligible for Adsense, you can put down your Blog in the comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

To your online earning.

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