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How to come about a Name for your Blog

How do you come about a name for your new blog? Many are finding it very difficult to even think of a name, maybe because of their niche( what they love to write about), but does it really matters?

How did Mark Zuckerberg named facebook or Google had the name. Is it something more hard to think or I can just figure out any name and leave it like that. In this post, I will reveal to you how to come about a beautiful and wise thinking name for your Blog.

The name of your blog really matters, it goes a very long way than you expected. It is a name everyone seems to know you of, a name to be called by many.

For example, let’s look at Mark ZuckerBerg of Facebook, how did he come about his own name for facebook, well I dont realy have much knowledge on how he came about it but with my research, facebook was formerly known as thefacebook, and later he changed it to facebook. More like simple than the first. So that’s the very first thing to know

Your Blog Name Must be Simple

Don’t make your blog name look like you are the President of the United States, you are just starting, so you need to make your blog name very simple to know and even to easily memorize.

If you ask me, there are some blogs who have weird name to remember but they are popular, well the popularity of a blog does not always referenced to the name but the brand. Let’s look for example, Amazon, if you check your dictionary, you will discover that the word “amazon” simply means a tall, strong and athletic woman and here it is, it is an ecommerce website where you can buy any kind of products from online.

It is very important for you to learn to research a name for your blog, make it simple to read and fresh and even amazing. That’s the first step, while putting down different names for your blog, always make them simple.

Don’t Put Numeric between your Blog Name

I don’t know your plans, but from successful bloggers and from experts that I know on the internet, they advised not to put numbers in between your blog name.

There are people who fashion it to always put numbers in between their blog name, well as that is good at times, it doesn’t sound expert to me. So while you are creating a name for your blog, make it simple and get rid of numbers.

Let your Blog name Speak for your Blog

It is very important to let your blog name speak the kind of blog to your users, don’t just use a blog name that is even out there anyhow.

For example, if your blog is all about finance, don’t make your blog name, or if your blog name is about lifestyle and you are thinking of making your blog name It does not sound well and users wont appreciate it.

Use a Name Generator

Well, the internet had made everything easy now, instead of sitting down for hours to come about a name, though if you do it yourself, it much appreciated but if you don’t have the time, you can make use of wordoid to generate a blog name for your blog.

What you just have to put there is the keyword and when you press create, you will be given a lot of options to pick from.

Now that you’ve read on how to come about a blog name, if you found one that is suitable for your blog, then you can also add it in the comment below.

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