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Best ways to Make Money with a month Old Blog

How long have you start your blog? Have you been struggling with your new blog to make money. If you are yet to start a blog, you can read how Blogging is the better than any college certificate.

Blogging is one of the best way you could start making money on the internet but there are lot of people who are not making any dime from their blog, but for you to be here, you will discover means how to start making money with a new blog.

How did I start Blogging? I think you have the right to ask me, and I have the very right to answer you. Isn’t it? I started blogging far back more than 5 years ago during my high school days.

And before that, a lot happened. I bought different ebooks on how to make money online but i could not make a dime. I don’t really know, but i tell you after several months of blogging, I wasn’t making any money inspite of all my knowledge on how to make money online.

It is very possible for you to know how to make money online and never made a dime. I tell you, I know of many people who make money on the internet with their blog but to follow their footsteps was like a dream never to come true for me.

I have tried and try but I never make any money and that makes me quit blogging for two years not until i met Grace and Silas who with their inspired written articles, encourage me to start blogging again , which I did and really changed my life. And that’s what am about to reveal to you

What are the Best Way to Make Money with your New Blog

1. Advertisement: The number one list on how to make money online is through advertisement. Applying for an ad program is the easiest and the best way you could start making money from a new blog.

But different ad programs have their own way of accepting publishers to their program. There are three major ad programs that cold earn your fortune from your blog.

  • Google Adsense: This is the best way to monetize any blog, I called it the easiest and the lazy man’s way to make money online. Adsense is considered to be the best ad program in the world because of their easy pattern on how you can make money easily within a few months. But getting into adsense is really hard but if you follow my principles, you are sure to get Adsense approval for your new blog. What do you have to do first? I dont know what kind of niche you are in, but i tell you if you have been copying contents from other blog to your blog, and later you applied for adsense, it is sure, i mean 100% sure that you wont be approved.Make your content very unique and relevant, when they say unique, it simply means no copy content, make it original and very simple. The second thing you have to know is to have more than 25 blog posts on your blog. It simply means you should have sufficient posts on blog, you can also read how to get Adsense approval after several disapprovals to know more on how to get approved by Google. Apply for Google Adsense


  • Media.Net: This is another way you can make money online with a new blog, it is by applying for an ad program called Media.Net is owned by Yahoo and Bing for contextual ads. There are lot of reasons for you to consider before applying for Media.Net to be approved. Your blog content must be in English, anything apart from that Media.Net won’t approve you. So therefore, let your blog be in English. The second thing you need to take notice is, your content must be unique and relevant, as you read before all your contents must be relevant and unique. Apply for Media.Net


  • MediaVine: This is the best way you could make money from your blog, but this is harder than the two listed before for approval. I know of a Blogger who makes more than $10,000 a month from Mediavine. But is it that hard to get approval? Not at all, let us not talk about whether you need to have more contents in your blog, you know you should have that but most importantly what Mediavne want from your blog is to have 25,000 sessions on your blog a month and if you have this, you are good to go. Apply for Mediavine

2. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is also one of the best way you can start making money with your new blog. There are lot of affiliate programs that are looking for publishers, people like you to help them promote their products to your blog users.

But if you are new to affiliate marketing, and you are curious to know what affiliate marketing is, before we go on, let me tell you the meaning.

Affiliate marketing simply means a Marketer affiliated to a company, be it affiliate programs. You are there to promote products and in return you are given a commission. There are lot of affiliate programs to join, but for a new blog. I always recommend Amazon Associate Program.

This is the best way you can start making money with your blog. Amazon offers affiliate marketers an opportunity to promote their products and they pay you commission ranging between 5-10% on whatever the customer buys. The day you are starting your blog, should also be the day you signed up for amazon associates, if you are yet to do that. Apply for Amazon Associates.

Now that you have read the best way to make money with a new blog, it is time for you go out there and start making the money. Don’t forget to put down your comments if you have any question, I will be glad to reply.



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