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Best way to make money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Are you a stay-at-home mom and you are looking for the best way you could make money on the internet? The type of work that will make you have time for your family, have a lot of time with your children, have plenteous time at home with your husband?

Then, you are at the right place because what you are about to read here will change your life for better.

Though, if you have read elsewhere that you could make $100k per month on the internet, well how true is that? I dont really know, because it is a more like a scam to me.

Don’t fall for that shit, it is going to put you finally embarrassed. Around 2012, I bought an ebook on how to make money on the internet, I was really looking for money, anyhow and whatever means and do you know what, I got the whatever means.

I was sold an ebook that contains all the information you need to know about an online business but none, I mean none was able to tell me, the real way to make money on the internet and that left me totally a mess. I don’t want you to be like that, I want to show you the best way you could start making money on the internet.

Then, What Business?

Blogging is one of the best way you could make money on the internet.  I don’t know how to start explaining to you, but if you read carefully, you will discover that Blogging is better than a college degree.

You read that right, Blogging is better than a college degree certificate in so many sense. I cant start putting down the lists of how blogging is better and is the best business that have a good-return rate.

But because you are here to know the real business, you as a stay home mom should venture in? IT IS BLOGGING.

I came to know blogging when I was in High School, that’s far back around 7 years ago. It is such a life-changing experience for me because that changed my mentality on how you could start making money on the internet. I saw many bloggers who are already making money from their blog, not just a mere amounts, they make their blog a full time job.

The love thing about Blogging is that you can blog about anything, i mean anything and it is sure to have your audiences.

If you have to blog about foods, there are millions of people waiting for you already to just put a post in your blog and you will surprised to see that number of visitors on your blog. It is a type of business, that you can turn your hobby to a great business.

If you are reading this post right now, this is for you and don’t change your mind after reading this post b just some crappy ideas on the internet, that promise you a fortune.

I tell you, making money online is not a rich-quick scheme, you got to work, the most important is that you get to set the hours of your work by yourself. No one set the time or the hour for you to work, you set for yourself and you enjoy your best time.

I know of many Bloggers who are stay-at-home mom and they are really making money from the internet.

The number that top the list is Michelle of Makingsenseofcents, she makes over $100k per month with her Blog and I tell you, she only post about what she love doing and bank that amount of money from her blog. The second that top the list is the BusyBugeter, She makes more than $30k per month from her blog.

Let’s cut the lists, and let’s go back to the business. I can keep on telling you how many bloggers are making money from the internet with just writing about what they love and in return they makes money.

But to cut the long story short, how can you also start a blog and start making money like other bloggers.

1. Discover What you Love: There are lot of things you can write about but to be sincere, it is always good to post on what you love, so the first thing you need to do is to find your hobby? I am asking you, what’s your hobby? Once, you discover your passion, then it now good to go for it.

2. Research on Your Passion: Before you start posting on your blog, it is very important for you to research about your passion. You need to know what people are searching for, while searching for it, you can make use of Google keyword to know the latest trends on the internet, it will help you get more readers to your blog.

3. Solve a Problem: You are not creating a blog, only just to make money, you are there to solve a problem. That’s how many people will keep on coming and coming to your blog and that’s how you make money.

I know you have something to write about, but you must also put in mind if what you are writing will solve a problem or change a person’s life. If not, it is very good to reconsider your decision.

4. Develop a Name for Your Blog: Now that you have the foundation, it is time to discover a name suitable for your blog, as have put on the beginning of this post, there are lot of things you can write about; it can be anything whether Lifestyle, Travel, Blogging Tips, Fashion, Culture, Money, How to Start a Blog and many other.

But I tell you these categories are really trending but let’s leave that for now. Let your Blog name be very simple and easy to understand. You can check out How to come about a name for your Blog.

Now that you know how to start a blog and how blogging is the best business you can make money from. Then it is good for you to start now, if you have further questions , you can put down your questions in the comment below and I will love to reply.

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