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8 Important things you must do after launching your blog

Have you launched your blog or you are yet to start one? If you are yet to start one, make sure you read this post on how to start a profitable blog. Now good that you have launched your blog, there are 8 things you must take note of, for the foundation to be stronger and better?

  1. Starting your Email List from Day1

Tell me a successful blogger who is making money from his/her own blog and I will tell you another blogger that is successful earning six times than a blogger without email list.

They are your subscribers; they are people that want to hear you out, trust you and are willing to learn more from you. That’s one of the key to creating a profitable blog, create a call to action. Why they must subscribe to your mailing list, what will benefit them, you can see one of the strategies am using on this blog.

You can create free courses or giveaways, something that can help them at that moment and they don’t have choice than to subscribe. If you are looking for another way to make money, the second is your email list. There is money in the list. If you are looking for email list provider I recommended, I will always say Convertkit and Mailerlite


  1. Join Pinterest and Facebook Groups

Pinterest is my number one source of traffic, I really love pinterest. You can check how to use Pinterest to drive millions of traffic to your blog. You can sign up for Business pinterest account here

Why Facebook? Because there are people that are searching for the same thing you are posting on your blog, so that’s why I also recommend joining some Facebook groups.

It is also one of the ways of getting massive traffic to your blog. Blog need traffic to make money. Below are 30 Facebook that can skyrocket your traffic to the next level, I really enjoy joining them, because they are of great benefit.

  1. Blogging Boost -27K  members
  2. Creative Freelancers Unite – 3.2K  members
  3. Blogging Babes & Business Bosses – 1.8K members
  4. Social Boss with Caitlin Bacher 29K Members
  5. Blog & Biz Babes– 3K Members (Another smaller but amazing group!)
  6. Lady Boss Bloggers & Biz Owners – 800 members (my new group)
  7. Blog Beautiful – 8.9K members
  8. The Brazen Ones– 1.7K members
  9. Rock Your Blog and Biz – 4K
  10. Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs – 5.2K members
  11. Connect & Cultivate with Ivory Mix – 2.6K members
  12. The New Screw the Nine to Five Community  10,000 members
  13. Blogger Insights – 15K Members
  14. Mom to Mompreneur – 3.9K members
  15. Creative Superheros – 9.9K members
  16. Work with Class (Formerly Pro Blog and Biz with Olyvia) – 5.1K Members
  17. Savvy Business Owners – 14K members
  18. Blogging Newbs – 18.3K members
  19. Women Winning Online – 5.6K members
  20. Girl Boss Bloggers – 24K Members
  21. Bright Bloggers & Business – 1.6K members
  22. Turbo Blogging & Business with Raelyn Tan – 3.2K members
  23. I’m So Blogging This – 481 members
  24. Lovely Bloggers – 2.7K members
  25. Make Your Blog Beautiful – 3.5K members
  26. Blogging 101 – 16.3K Members
  27. The Art of Better Blogging – 810 Members
  28. Secret Bloggers & Bosses Society – 8.3K Members
  29. The Blogging Squad – 13.5k Members
  30. Blogging with a Smile – 3K Members
  1. Start your Campaign on Boardbooster

Every blogger needs this. Boardbooster is a service used for automated pinning by scheduling, looping or creating a campaign, for your boards or group boards.

I truly recommend boardbooster for every new bloggers because you can’t see the power behind it until you should start using it. So let assume you have created a campaign, it is now time to let the campaign run and see the massive traffic coming to your blog.

  1. Look After your Campaign on Boardbooster

If your pins on are not doing very well on pinterest or doing very well, it is time to try to check it out, that’s why it is very important to always look after your campaign. It so much worth the time.

  1. Create Fresh Content

You will be getting traffic, that means you have to be creating fresh content also on your blog, because the audience ask what more, what more can you give.

There are some blogs have visited, they don’t have fresh content for months, tell me what more can I learn from them. It is very important to always create fresh content, it truly worth it.

  1. Guest Posts

What is a guest post? A Guest post is when a guest, maybe an audience visit a blog and sent an invitation to the blog owner if they can get his/her content on their blog but of the same niche.

If you are approved, then your article will be shown to their entire audience and in return you gain influence and get more traffic. Everything is for the purpose of getting traffic.

It is very important to network with other bloggers. Sooner I will be writing on 100 blogs accept guest postings. Stick around to check it out

  1. Network with other Bloggers

It is very important to network with other bloggers who have made it in the same niche. It will help you a lot. There are few bloggers that I truly follow and if there are questions, I do ask them.

Some of them are Grace and Silas of, Zac Johnson of, John chow of, Michelle of and many others.

  1. Fresh Information will Always come

In this blogging business, you will see someone making more than $100,000 per month and some making $20,000 per month, so what’s the difference, can’t I be making the same money with the high earner bloggers?

That’s why it is very important to always check out how influencer bloggers are making that kind of money. It really pays and with that your income will be increasing.




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