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3 Things Blogging gurus Do to Get Millions of Views

Did you want to know the 3 things blogging pros do to get millions of views to their blog which eventually increase their earning? You want to wake up and see that millions of visitors  on your blog? Then you are at the right place.

A popular blogger said traffic equals money, well I do agree with him to some length but not always true but wouldn’t you want great traffic to your blog, ofcourse you will.

What do I have to do?

If you do these things below, you are going to thank me later for this information. I know because this is gold and it is going to improve your traffic  for sure.

Rule 1: Titles

Do you mean titles? Does it really matter? Maybe you’ve seen it on other blogs that titles can improve your traffic, it is really true.

If you asked me, I think you need to know the reason why it is so. The main reason is because if the title is not so urgent, catchy, attractive, informative, then there is nothing that can prompt to click. Let’s look for an example.

I want to write a post on “How to use ginger tea to lose weight”. Of course, the title looks okay but still 70% of people can pass over the title because well it do pass something but you can still add some spices to the title, like ‘How YOU can use ginger tea to lose weight”.

You can see the capitalized you, just that simple addition can improve your traffic. I am talking from experience.

For all of my posts, I created up to 5 different titles for all my pins. Let me give you an example so you can understand what I mean by creating 5 different titles for a pin. I have a popular post on “8 things you must do after launching your blog”. You can see the title is catchy, isn’t it, of course, it is but I don’t stop there because we have different kinds of audience seeing the pin. So what do I have to do? I created up to different titles on that post and these were the titles I created; remember still talking on the same thing.

  • 8 Must-Take Steps Before Launching blog
  • Before You launching your blog, Do These 8 Things
  • 8 Things Every New bloggers Needs to Do
  • Learn How to Start blogging the Right Way

You can see that I have high chances of getting my pins or titles clicked. That’s the secret, you might be seeing pins everywhere, if you don’t understand, I advise you to read how to use pinterest to drive traffic, it is a full information there .

If you are not into Pinterest, then you might not really understand creating up to 5 titles for my pin. There are some things you need to take note while creating your titles for your blog. How to use Pinterest to generate millions of traffics to your new blog or old blog

1.Keep it simple and direct: it always good to make your title easy to understand

2. Use numbers:  Research shows that adding numbers between titles tends to give the users more information about what the post is all about.

3. Use emotional adjectives to describe your reader’s problemThere are lot of examples you can give your titles, add some spicy to make it so touching and urgent to your audience. It simply means, make it more appealing.

4. Some promises also will do; for example, How to Lose weight is more good to be considered, but how about you make your title like, 10 unknown secrets on how to lose weight, see all the spices.



Rule 2: Content

What content did you have post to get massive traffic to your blog? The answer is, content people are looking for. It is as simple as that.

Don’t post how you travel to your grandmother place and you thought you can get traffic with that, that’s a big No. Do a lot of research before creating any content. Know what people are looking for and then I tell you, you are on the right way to getting tons of traffic to your blog.

You can use pinterest search ( I called it a search engine because it is more like google) to know what people are currently searching for on the internet, when you type how to make money, the first option it brought is what people are looking for or use google keywords, it will bring  monthly searches on the keyword. It is like you are giving people what they need.  Actually you should know that your contents should relate to your niche. It is very important

Rule 3: Image

This rule discuss more on how to use pinterest for your blog traffic, 90% of my traffic comes from pinterest and I tell you if you are yet to start using pinterest, then you can start now.

The kind of image you create for your pin really matters. There are beginner images, master images and professional images.

If your image is like this, then you are a Beginner

If your image is like this, then you are a Master

If your image is like this, then you are a Professional

Professional images on pinterest get a lot of traffic, even 10 times more than a beginner image. I use canva for all of my images and it is free and you can do the same too or better still picmonkey are still alternative.

And that’s how Blogging Pros gets Millions of Visitors to their blog; you can do the same with these simple steps.

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