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How you can make extra Cash with Amazon

Can you really make money from amazon, if yes, then how? You want to know how you can make money from your amazon, then you are at the right place, so let’s get started.

Amazon associate had been on the internet far back around 1998, many affiliate programs are yet to be in existence and even there are fewer ways you can be making online as at that time. Not until now that we have more than 100 affiliate programs. But making money with amazon associate was really a big task as at the time, you need to sell a lot of books before you can be making a tangible money. Though their affiliate commissions is between 5-10% but it has a lot benefits.

The advantage of amazon associate is that if you refer a product to a friend through your custom link and he/she went through your link to purchase the item, at the moment, if he/she buys more than the referred products, you will be given commissions on all of the products purchased with the item. Isn’t that cool? Of course, it is very cool and that’s how many bloggers are banking more than $1000 as additional income with amazon.

In this post, I will be showing you how you can make money from amazon, not how to just promote amazon product but targeted ones. This article is designed to show you the best way you can start making money from amazon, a secret am about to launch.

Let’s get Started!

The only way you can make money from amazon is termed affiliate marketing. What is affiliate marketing? In a nutshell, it means promoting someone’s product and you earned a commission.

That means you are there to promote amazon products to friends, known or unknown people and you make money through that anytime the person you referred purchase any product. Sign up for amazon affiliate.

Successful bloggers who had shared their secret with me said that integrating amazon with Adsense can really pay off. Let say for example, if you have only Adsense on your blog and you are receiving 1000 visitors per day, it is like you will be making $3-5 per day.

That’s the average and that’s like you are leaving a lot of money on the desk and let assumed you also integrate amazon affiliate to your blog and out of the 1000 visitors coming to your blog per day, it is sure to get maybe 50 clicks to amazon through your link and out of those clicks 2-3 people might purchase the products. In a month, you are sure to be making up to $200-2000 per month from amazon alone, if you add that to your earnings, it will really be fat.

But there are things you need to take note when promoting products to friend, make it convincing because I can be thinking well you are just trying to make a sale out of me, so whether you are just adding the product to your blog content or on social media, let it be convincing.

Make sure the product you are promoting are most searched and are reliable so as to build trust. A business continue to run when the business have a recurring customers.

You get the logic? If I promote a product to you and you get the product and you find the product very useful, if I promote another product to you, you will be happy to purchase it again and again.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask in the comment below.

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