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How to Use Twitter to increase your income this 2018


Did you want to know how you can make money tweeting, and how to grow your twitter followers, and then you are at the right place. In this post, I will show you how you can make money by tweeting, using twitter to make money online.

Why Twitter?

I was asked this question, why twitter? Why not facebook or Pinterest? Well, the answer is simple; it is because twitter is targeted than any social media and companies want targeted followers to get their reviews on board.

Like pinterest which I use to drive more traffic. Using twitter to make money is not meant for you to gain visitors, to be sincere that’s not the reason behind this, you only want to use twitter to make money and it is because it is much targeted.

There are companies out there looking for twitters to help them write a review or sponsored tweets to their followers and the one I highly recommend is Linqia. Before that, I want to explain how you can get 1k followers in 10 minutes.

Because most companies only want you get decent numbers of visitors before they can approve or work with you.

How to get 1k followers in 10 minutes a day?

The method I want to share is very simple; it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes a day to follow people. This is how to do it, sign up for twitter.

Before you start following people, you need to know your niche, for example, I write on blogging tips, lifestyle, foods and drinks, travel etc so if I want to follow people I followed people in this kind of niche. Do you get that? It makes it targeted.

For example, I want to follow people who loves to travel, I just go to twitter search at the top bar right hand side and search love to travel, travel tips, guides to travelling, with these kinds of keywords, twitter will bring people who are interested in these keywords, then I follow them. You can follow up to 200-300 followers per day.

You only expect those you follow you to follow you back, if they don’t, you have to unfollow them, but always do it with care because twitter is watching your account and anything like such can get your account banned or suspended.

You have to unfollow them because twitter only limit users to follow 2000 followers at a time and if you follow 2000 people and only 1000 follow you back, then you need to unfollow the remaining 1000 people so that twitter can increase the number of people you can follow.

Mind you, if you follow 2000 followers and all of them follow you back, twitter will increase your chance of following more people. It is that simple

What Next?

Now that you know how to get 1k followers in 10 minutes, the company I highly recommend makes sure you have 2500+ followers before they can approve you, if you have that amount of followers, then sign up with linquia and you can be making $50 per tweet.

It is that easy. If you have more questions, regarding this topic, you can put it down in the comment box and I will love to reply.

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