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How to Quit your Job and Become a Full time Blogger

In this post, I will show you why you must quit your blog to start blogging? You can tell me, seriously am very bold to say that, it is very true, at the end of this post, you will know exactly why you need to quit your job.

There are lots of possible ways you can use to make money blogging.

Before you quit your job, hey wait.  You must read how michelle makes $100,000 blogging per month or how Grace of chasingfoxes makes more than $15000 per month from her blog. Blogging is a profitable business.

But before you quit your job, you need to create Plan. Ofcourse, if the foundation be destroyed what can you do? You need to have a plan on ground.

I always encourage new bloggers to join my free email course on how to become a six figures earner from your blog. The free email course will guide you on how you can make money online from your blog

The NEXT is, Find a niche. There is nothing compared to this, you need to find a niche, profitable ones, the one people are looking for.

Don’t get me wrong, you can blog about anything, I mean anything but not everything. Have a niche, specific ones. I always recommend new bloggers to always start with maybe Travel, health and fitness, fashion and beauty, recipes, DIY, foods and drinks, make money, blogging tips etc because the ones mentioned are profitable.

Start a Blog

Starting a blog is one of the best way you could make money online. I know of lot of bloggers that through their blog they are making over $100k per month just doing little things. Although blogging won’t make you thousands of dollars over night but it sure that you will get there. Therefore, start a blog. You have been reading everywhere that starting a blog can really change your life but you have been refusing to take action since. Today is your day, so go start a blog and start making money.

Monetize your blog.

This is a question asked by many, how do I monetize my blog and make money then? Do you have same question too? Then we are on the same page. How do bloggers make their money? You can make money with your blog in several ways but these are the best ways to make money

Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing is still the best way you could use to monetize your blog. What does affiliate marketing means? Affiliate marketing s the process of recommending or promoting a products to your audiences and if anyone purchase through your custom links given to you by the affiliate programs, you earn a commission, that’s the key

Blog sponsorships – There are companies that want their sponsor content to be on their blog and they are ready to pay you $500 or more per post.

Display advertising – Display advertising is also one of the best way you could make money from your blog. They pay per visitors seeing the ads on your blog. It can be placed on your headers, sidebar, below posts.

Creating your own product – Selling your own created products can also make you money from your blog. That’s the power of information marketing

Get More Traffic

A successful blogger said more traffic equal more money. That’s really true, you can read how I pin for a living or how pinterest became my full time job. My number one source for traffic is Pinterest, it has no competition and it is the best. Guest postings can also be of great help to get more traffic.


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