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How Pinterest now Become my source of INCOME


Did you want to know how you can get millions of visitors to your blog using pinterest for free? Then you are at the right place. Pinterest is free but powerful than all social media to get massive traffic.

A successful blogger who is making more than $1 million per year said more traffic equals more money. I really do agree with him to some length but not always true, but if you have access to get that amount of traffic, won’t you find it helpful.

Of course you will.

How does Pinterest became my New job?

It is simple. I get 90% of my traffic from pinterest and most of my sales came from pinterest. Let me show how you can also use pinterest to make money like I did.

Step 1

Find a niche

what is a niche, it is what you want to write about maybe Travel, health and fitness, fashion and beauty, make money, blogging tips etc. I really encourage new bloggers to niche round these types of niches.

Look after what people are searching for on the internet, and then find one you love to write about. Create up to 25-30 posts before launching your blog. You can use whether Microsoft word or Google Doc (highly recommend this) to type your content and save it.

For my blog, I mean cornerwing, I created up to more than 40 blog posts before I launched it. Why did I do that? So that my readers can get a lot of contents to read.

Step 2

Launch a Blog

Now that you have up to 25-30 blog posts, it is time to launch your blog. What web hosting did I recommend? The best and easy to implement for any kind of business is bluehost. If you want a step by step tutorial for setting up a blog with Bluehost, then check out my post that’ll show you exactly how. It’s super easy!

Step 3

Sign up for advertisement programs

If you are just starting, they always encourage you start with google adsense. Of course I started with google adsense and it has been really helpful but there are other programs you can sign up for also as alternative to google adsense.

Step 4

Now we are here, Sign up for Pinterest: Okay okay, so here’s where it get’s cool. You’ll want to start up a Pinterest Business account. It’s free and it will allow you to connect your website to Pinterest. Sound complicated?

It’s not, I promise. It’s pretty straight forward and Pinterest will walk you through it. Once it’s connected, you’ll be able to access your Pinterest analytics in your menu bar and see how many views and click-throughs to your site you’re getting.

Set up Boards and Get on Group Boards

It is time for you start setting up boards of your own and joining as many as group boards that could accept you. But while you are setting up your boards, do make sure to set up boards that pinterest users are really looking for, skyrocket your reach in no time. That’s the spirit. For your information, if you are new to Pinterest, Please you need to know that there are some keywords that are trending on Pinterest and they are mostly like Lifestyle, DIY, Beauty and Fashion, make money, Blogging tips, Foods and Drinks etc.

How do you Join Group Boards? It is very easy to join group boards but it is hard to find the one that will be beneficial to your blog. There is always two way to this, the first part is by using Pingroupie and the second method is by going to your favorite Pinterest users relating to your blog and you can check through the group boards they are on and making a request to join can help you alot. I always prefer the later part anyways.

There is a lot of advantage in joining Pinterest group boards. A lot of reasons, the first is that; a group boards have more followers and once you are accepted, you are allowed to share your content to all their followers.

That’s the magic of Pinterest.. But attimes, joining up to 100k followers can really be a challenge, so my best advice is to join any group board that have more than 20k followers.

It really pay to start with that. But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t get onto a group board having over 100k. It is very possible. Let me show the breakdown of the group boards I joined when I get started.

Before that!

It’s very important to read how I went through joining the group boards. Well, I have a pinterest personal account which have created many years ago, so I just converted it to a business account.

Why? So as to give me analytics on how my pins are doing. After converting, I checked some of my favorite bloggers on pinterest to check the groups they are on. I know of a blogger that have more than 65 boards  and more than half are group boards having more than 100k followers.

That’s a wow, no wonder I know a blogger who gets more than 1 million visitors a month to her blog. Before that, I created 25 boards and I saved 25 pins or more on each board I created, with that I started getting influence. People started knowing me, in six days; I got more than 25 followers.

That’s a good start, isn’t it? So to my favorite blogger on Pinterest, I started applying to join some of the group board she is in but many of the group boards are closed to new contributors, that means I can’t apply but some I was able to apply and I started seeing result

But asked me when did I start joining these group boards? I started joining group boards when I was busy writing my 50 contents, so I was doing the work before along with creating my pins.

So I applied to as many group boards and in six days, I was accepted to 7 group boards. These are the group boards I joined below.

  1. Millennial Mindset Group Board-29,113 followers
  2. The Cake Lovers Board-90,784 followers
  3. CREATIVE and ORIGINAL FOOD (KIDS preferably)-23,220 followers
  5. Blogging Pros Group Board-21,633 followers
  6. **| Travel Around The World |**-75,782 followers
  7. Health + Fitness-20,028 followers

If you add all the followers together, that’s around 280,000 people that I can share my content with, in just seven days.

I advise newbies to apply to as many group boards because at times many won’t attend to you and they won’t reply, so the best is apply to many group boards having more than 20k followers (very important) and out of many you applied to, you should start seeing result. For me I applied to more than 50 group boards, so I can focus on my contents that i was busy writing; at least 25 group boards owners will get back to me.

Once you find the boards you want to join, email the board owner (if there’s an email provided in the board description) which will be the first person shown at the top with board contributors. If they don’t have that, go to their site and contact them from there. If they don’t have any, always try to comment on their most recent pin, chances are high that they will get back to you

How do you create pins?

I use canva for all of my pins and it’s free. You can always try it out. Don’t just try to create your pin for pinning sake, you need to check out some top bloggers, how they create their own pin and their titles. The next is to create minimum of 5 titles per post, this really turn my traffic to WOW.

  • Get on BoardBooster and Schedule your Pins for a month: I love to use Boardbooster to schedule my pins, it is automated and very easy to use even is the first time you are using it  – BoardBooster is $5 a month for 500 pins per month. You can upgrade from there if you want to pin more

Start your Email List from Day 1

Money is really in the list. You need to start your email list, the same day you start your blog. If you asked me what best email provider, I always recommend Mailerlite and Converkit. Mailerlite gives you free plan for 1000 subscribers with unlimited emails but converkit is still professional. So always go for Gold.


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