Michelle makes Over $100k Per Month Blogging- Find Out How

How Michelle of Makingsenseofcents Went from $0 to over $100K a Month with Blogging

Have you heard of a lady who makes full time income from her blog? If No, then you are at the right place and if you read through I promise that your life is going to change within 15 minutes, a great information to be aware of.

Who is Michelle?

Michelle is a young lady who finds blogging for business her way of making money online. She started back in college when she was is in debt, a great one but while then, she said maybe I could start a blog and she did, she started with a free hosting platform, the one powered by blogger but in the meantime a certain day her blog was deleted, she had to ask for a permission from the Service provider to help her out and finally she sticks with a paid hosting powered by WordPress?

Enough of all these stories, so how did she makes Money online Blogging

I know you are beginning to be curious on how this lady makes money, now take note of the important steps she took and if you take action after this , I promise, you can also be another Michelle or even earning more than her but before the steps she took, let me introduce myself

Who is Adeola?

My name is Oyejobi Adeola I started blogging at the age of 18 years that was the year 2012 in my high school days. More like I read on the internet that you could make money online, so I said then this is for me because I want to make money online, so as a youth I was so passionate in internet business especially blogging.

But as time goes by, I wasn’t making any money, I have ideas on how to make money but never made any money, so I quit blogging for about 2 years and when I came back, I had to attend some online courses which later helped when I started back again.

So it is possible to know how to make money and never made, the ideas you have might be junk, sorry to tell you that but it’s true. But in this article, here am I to show you the real way.

Lets Get Started

These are the steps Michelle took to making that amount of money from her blog and you can also do the same, please if you have further questions to ask me, feel free to message me, I will reply asap.


She was exposed to the real ways you can use to start making money blogging. And that’s the first step, my friend there are lot of junks information on the internet because it is a free space no one is holding you back for your information, it is just a free world, I can do anything.

I faced similar issues back when I started and i tell you it was bunch waste of time. So I don’t want you to experience that, that’s why I created a free blogging email course that will take you 10 days with 10 emails to give you the right information you need

Step 2

She started a Blog: I know of some friends who created blog just for hobby no interior or exterior motives but I used to tell them why can’t you turn your hobby to profit making business?

So this is the second step, start a blog and while starting there are few things you need to take notice of and they are, the niche (i.e, what you want to blog about), I don’t encourage bloggers to starting about entertainment and co but there are niche that people are searching for and that’s goes to the next step


She knows what people are searching for: My dear, if you want to make blogging your full time income, then you need to find out what people are looking for, need at the moment and she is willing to provide them the solution.

So you should focus on that, I really encourage new bloggers to start with something like health and fitness, recipes, make money, fashion and beauty etc, you will get the full package when you sign up for my email course

Step 4

Then after knowing what you want to blog about? What next? Email List. If I go to any blog and I didn’t find Call to Action page, then I tell you the blogger is losing a lot of money on the table. You shouldn’t, Michelle had a great email list and you can also do the same.

When we talk about what Email list provider should I use? I recommend two best email list providers which are Convertkit and Mailerlite. I encourage bloggers who are on tight budget to go for Mailerlite because they have free plan for 1000 subscribers and later you can purchase for the paid plan when you have more than 1000 subscribers.

Step 5

Take Action: If Michelle did not take action, could she be making that amount of money from her blog, the answer is NO. so start now, that’s why I provide this email course that will help and informed you on how to start on a good foundation, foundation matters my dear.

So let’s see on the other side. Hope you enjoyed the post. Have more questions, free feel to contact me or drop your message in the comment box.



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